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I have a bunch of InfoPath forms which work as they are supposed to. However I seem to have an issue when doing postbacks, like clicking buttons to submit the form.

I have implemented workflows which set permissions on the submitted forms based on some choice scenarios in the form - they work as intended.

In this instance, I'm using users which get Contribute permissions on the forms which get submitted.
When I fill out my forms and click Submit form, I get redirected to http://site/_layouts/FormServer.aspx<parameters here> and then I get prompted. But if I'm logged on with the System Account I don't get prompted when submitting the form.

The users all get prompted at the same point in process, when submitting the form and getting redirected to the /_layouts/FormServer.aspx page.

I haven't been able to find anything in particular which points in the way of users needing to have a certain permission level to access this page.

Does anyone know if users need a higher permission level than Contribute to access the FormServer.aspx page?

As well as this person (InfoPath 2010 File Attachment error) I too have file attachment and people picker controls in my forms, but his solution didn't work out for me.

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