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I'm using SharePoint 2013 and I have created a calendar (based on the Standard calendar list template). After that I switched on Content Approval for this calender in the versioning Settings. After that I added a workflow (based on the Standard SharePoint 2010 Approval Workflow and selected 'Update the approval status after the workflow is completed (use this workflow to control content approval).' The workflow is also set to automatically start when a new item is created.

Now I added a new item to the list. An email is sent and a new workflow Task is created. I opened the newly created Task and click on 'Approve'. After that another email is sent and the workflow Task is set to finished. The workflow history of the item Shows that it has been approved.

But when I open the item the approval status shown here is still on 'Pending'.

In other words: although I created a workflow and activated Content approval. Although the workflow Task is finished (approved) the Content Approval state of the item is not updated - stay on 'pending'.

I can't find an error in the logs.

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I observed the same behaviour on SharePoint 2013 and did the following:

e.g. change

If Workflow Context:Association: Start on Item Change equals No
    if Workflow Context:Association: Start to Approve Major Version equals Yes
    or Parameter: Enable Content Approval equals Yes
        Set content approval of item that the task process is running on to Pending (run as the workflow author)


If Workflow Context:Association: Start on Item Change equals No
    Set content approval status to _Pending_ with _Content approval is pending_

The modified workflow doesn't consider the association properties, thus always writes the content approval status (_ModerationStatus). This works for me...

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Make sure you have the site feature "Workflows can use app permissions" activated. Without it you will not be able to change the status of content approval. With it enabled your initial workflow will work like a charm.

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Can I assume that none of the above applies to a SharePoint 2013 workflow as I don't have a Set Content Approval Status Action –  westerdaled Nov 5 at 17:37

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