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Has anyone got an thoughts on how to handle theming a WSS site for a single user who is visually impaired ... she uses high contrast settings for Word, etc.

But still leave the usual theme for everyone else.

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Have a look at the RNIB website. This is done on SharePoint - everything on the site has been tested to Surf Right standard. (WCAG 2.0 and above)

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The org I'm currently working with does a some work that requires accessibility. I've done some planning on for an updated design that would support CSS level reformatting to increase font sizes. Think of a small-medium-large approach for both content and navigation.

Something like that may be a better option than alternative themes, but would require more work than the mobile version kkhipple mentioned.

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Which reminds me, definitely have a look at HiSoftware Accessibility Kit for SharePoint. Their SharePoint addon, provides additionality components that give you better control over the HTML generated by SharePoint; however, provided an alternate CSS is still the preferred method.

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One immediate option is the mobile SharePoint site (

This allows anyone who is visually impaired to access the SharePoint site with minimal formatting.

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