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Is it possible to manage properties for a custom job definition using central admin?

The code I have in a feature receiver sets the property like this:

myJobDefinition.Properties.Add("ConnectionString", "My connection string"); 

Now that the job definition is installed. I would like the administrator to be able to change this connection string property as required.

I checked Central Admin, but it seems I may have overlooked something.

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I think you cannot configure Custom Timer Jobs from Central Admin. If you look at AC's blog posts and How To:

Various options to store configuration for custom timer job is explored. I would suggest to store it via SPPersistedObject object because that does not involve web.config etc. Also, you can attach your config to a SPFarm object which is more logical for a timer job.

Below is an example:

As far as allowing admins to configure it, you can deploy a custom application page in the _Admin folder and have a link to it specified (via CustomAction) somehere in Central Admin.

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Agreed, SPPersisted objects is the way to go. It's worth noting, the SPWebApplication object is an SPPersisted object, and it has a Properties hashtable. I've always stored settings for my jobs in that, and put a configuration page into Central Admin – Andy Burns Dec 9 '10 at 10:59

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