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I have added a new community site, and I want to create a web part similar to the built-in “Community Tools” grey shaded area :-


I tried to add a content editor web part, but there is not an option to define the background color for this web part, can anyone advise?

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  • Add your Content Editor WebPart
  • Set Chrome to None
  • Add HTML like this:

    <div class="ms-comm-adminLinks ms-core-defaultFont ms-noList"> 
      <div class="ms-webpart-titleText"> My Web Part </div> 
      <ul class="ms-comm-adminLinksList"> 
        <li class="ms-comm-adminLinksListItem"> 
           <a class="ms-link" href="/sites/C1/Lists/Community%20Discussion/Management.aspx">My Link</a>
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worked well thanks a lot. – john G Aug 30 '13 at 10:53

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