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I'm working on sharePoint 2013 Online. I try to create list using Visual Studio 2013. Only way that I have found is to create an app.
But how I can build app without this address:
enter image description here

and how to display navigation:
enter image description here

(default there are no navigation).

I would like to create list, that I can create many times - if this is app I can only add once.

I try to do this because I want to use advanced forms (like using InfoPath) with some conditions (InfoPath can do this, but after I use InfoPath the form has change).

I try to Deploy / Publish... ale give me the same address like

I started with visual studio and SP 2013 - Building Your First SharePoint 2013 App With VS 2012—SVNUG... but there is not mentioned how to self deploy app/list on SP.

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