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How is it possible to make a custom column or the default ID column on a list the link to the editform, form the deafult listview "AllItems".

I have a custom column "Heading" which I wanto to use as a link to the Editform/ViewItem. I think it is tedious to mark the check box and then the Edit button on the Ribbon menu.

I know I could rename the Title column but I prefere to avoid this, currently Title is hidden for the list.

Hope someone can help :)

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You should be able to do it by setting LinkToItem="True" attribute in the ViewFields element of your view. You can use SharePoint Designer, open your list and then your view and make change like shown below:

    <FieldRef Name="Status" LinkToItem="TRUE"/>

This attribute is available from the Field definition

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That provides a link but clicking it opens display form - how can I use it to open the edit form? – David Clarke Apr 3 '13 at 21:18

You could create a calculated column similar to this:


Sharepoint will turn this into a hyperlink automatically but will not let you display a pretty URL.

Another option would be to have a simple workflow fire on item creation to update a hyperlink field in your list to a specific value.

Another option would be to create a custom list view/dataview web part. Then you can create the hyperlink on the fly and it is not stored in a column.

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