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I'm trying to create a web application using powershell and I'm getting a log in error with the SP_Admin account. I'm not sure if I've made a mistake when I was setting up the environment, I might have created it with the wrong account. These are the permission mappings I see in SQL manager. Wondering if they are correct.

This is the error I get in the management shell.

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There are a couple of things to check from your very informative images:

  • Are you logged in as sp_admin while running the script?
  • Can you open and view Central Administration?
  • Do the sp_admin account have db_owner permissions on the SharePoint_AdminContent database? If not, add permission.
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CONTOSO\sp_admin lacks appropriate permissions on the SharePoint_Admin_ database. Following best practices you should use the Add-SPShellAdmin cmd-let to grant permissions to the database. Steps:

  1. Logon using the farm account;
  2. Launch SharePoint Management Shell using "Run as Administrator";
  3. Run the following command, replacing by the actual value

    Get-SPDatabase | ?{$_.Name -eq "SharePoint_Admin_<Guid>"} | Add-SPShellAdmin –Username CONTOSO\sp_admin

Reference: Add-SPShellAdmin

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