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Currently I have created the following:-

  1. I have created a new web application that uses NTL .

  2. Inside the web application I have created a new Community site collection at the following URL http://sharepointdev/discussionforum/GeneralDiscussion . where the discusionforum is a managed path ! .

  3. I have also created two calendars at the following URLs.


But a new requirement has been raised, that the GeneralDiscusion community site, should not be the landing page or the main page. We need to add a parent page that shows links to different site collection and one of them is the GeneralDiscusion. So I am not sure what I should do. Should I create a new managed path , such as http://sharepointdev/MainSite. But doing so I will have both the Main site and the General Discusion on the same level .

Second question , since I only need the main page to contain links to other sites collection + our company logo + links to external systems. So which site collection template I should use? Thanks

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