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I'm creating a custom page layout for a publishing site collection in SharePoint 2010. I've got my Content Type all set up and it's based off 'Page'. My Content Type contains a Summary Links field. In SharePoint Designer 2010 I then go about creating my Page Layout and add my Summary Links field control like as shown below:

<PublishingWebControls:SummaryLinkFieldControl FieldName="b3525efe-59b5-4f0f-b1e4-6e26cb6ef6aa" runat="server" Title="Useful links" ChromeType="TitleOnly"></PublishingWebControls:SummaryLinkFieldControl>

My issue is after creating a new page derived from my shiny new custom page layout I don't see a Title header above my Summary Links. Sure I can edit the page and I'm able to add in links etc but after publishing I want there to be a Title Header above the links much like it is for a summary links web part - Is this possible?? When developing my custom page layout I specified the summary links properties as shown below:

enter image description here

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