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I am bringing up a knowledge base solution for a support team, and I am trying to allow the owners of these documents to maintain their documents' metadata through the DIP in word. One of my fields is "KB Keyword", which is a lookup into a KB Keywords list. Keywords can (and oft are) multiple selection.

Keyword tagging works fine through the browser UI. Unfortunately, the KB Keyword field displays as a textbox in the DIP. Interestingly, we have another KB where these Keywords are displayed as a checkbox list, but the developer of that KB and I have been unable to discern any real difference between our two solutions. The Keyword lookup lists and KB Keyword columns are identical as far as I can see.

Not all of our users have InfoPath installed on their systems, so I'm unable to customize the DIP at this point.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I can do to display this field as a checkbox list in the DIP? I greatly appreciate any suggestions.


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