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I'm trying to add a Custom tab with a group and some buttons to a single client via conditional javascript, as far as i can tell this is all found in the CUI namespace, however documentation is hard to find.

i've found a partial example here however this example ends up only adding a tab and a group.

one thing i noticed is that there is no group template, so maybe adding that might help me. Also , the button doesn't get added to the section row, perhaps there are some more properties that need to be set somewhere, i'm not sure what else might be missing.

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How did you go? Did you end up getting it working? –  Russell Jan 9 at 7:25
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This might help, it's a Similar scenario - Add User Custom Actions Using JavaScript

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That adds a custom action to a context menu, not the ribbon, although does explain CA in JS. –  Russell Jan 9 at 7:24
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