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Is it possible to make a page viewer webpart automatically refresh or upgrade?

I have a report image which I am replacing every 15 minutes with a script but the Page Viewer on SharePoint isn't updating to reflect.

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Can't you just refresh the page where the viewer is placed with some JavaScript? – Robert Lindgren Aug 1 '13 at 5:37

You could simply apply your settings and add this snippet to your page:

(function () {
      //this snippet reloads an iframe on the page in a set interval
      function getIFrameBySrc(src){
        var matchingElements = [];
        //shim for querySelector heavily stolen from
        if(typeof document.querySelector == "undefined") {
            var allElements = document.getElementsByTagName('*');
            for (var i = 0, n = allElements.length; i < n; i++)
              if (allElements[i].getAttribute('src') === src)
                // Element exists with attribute. Add to array.
        } else{
          matchingElements = document.querySelectorAll('iframe[src-' + src + ']');
        return matchingElements;

      var iframes = getIFrameBySrc(''); //add the target url here

      function reloadIframe(){
        for(var i = 0; i < iframes.length; i++){
          //better but only works on same origin pages

          //does not work in certain versions of chrome
          iframes[i].src = iframes[i].src;

          //more info here 
      //if used on mds pages you need to check before setting this up multiple times
      setInterval(reloadIframe, 5000);//time in ms it takes to refresh 

Remember to check if you already attached a interval for MDS pages.

Live example

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Rather than use the Page Viewer Web Part you could use the HTML Form Web Part and put the required javascript and iframe in to make this happen.

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