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I have an infopath 2010 browser enabled form deployed to a sharepoint 2010 site. Upon submit i have configured it to send the active view of the form to myself as an email. When i look into the email that i have got the active view has all the data that i filled in except for the data that i filled in the *people picker* control is blank! When i test this form in infopath filler the email has the valued keyed in people picker control.

Any help in this regards is greatly appreciated!

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Ran into this same problem myself. What I did was add a text field and populate that field (on submit) with the name that was selected from the people picker. Then I setup a rule to hide this field so it does not show on the original form.

Then I tested it by having it submit the active view of the form using email (not as an attachment) and it was populated.

It has something to do with the people picker being only a secondary data source and not technically stored in the form.

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