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How to access a SharePoint Online server via CMIS?

The URL to the server is https://xyz.sharepoint.com but apparently the following CMIS URLs do not work:


This Microsoft document says "CMIS is not supported in SharePoint Online" but I am not sure the information is up-to-date. By the way, I am OK with third-party add-ons.

Is there any trick or third-party add-on/gateway or similar that would enable us to access SharePoint Online via CMIS?

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Actually it seems that CMIS was half-implemented in Office365, but Microsoft voluntarily disabled it.

CMIS is a protocol for interoperability, and it seems like Microsoft wants to prevent interoperability for Office365, presumably to prevent locked-in customers from migrating to more open solutions like Alfresco Cloud.

Companies who want CMIS interoperability should stay away from Office365 and install SharePoint on-premise.

Please also ask Microsoft to implement CMIS in all SharePoint products.

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