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I am adding my custom menu under site action menu of SharePoint 2010. I have written below code.

  protected override void CreateChildControls()
            foreach (Menu LobjMenu in this.Menus)
                SubMenuTemplate LobjMenuTemplate = new SubMenuTemplate();                    
                LobjMenuTemplate.Text = LobjMenu.Title;
                LobjMenuTemplate.Description = LobjMenu.Description;
                LobjMenuTemplate.ImageUrl = LobjMenu.ImageUrl;                    
                LobjMenuTemplate.Sequence = 100000;                          
                foreach (SubMenu LobjSubMenu in LobjMenu.SubMenuItems)
                    Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls.MenuItemTemplate LobjSubMenuItem = new MenuItemTemplate();
                    LobjSubMenuItem.Text = LobjSubMenu.Title;
                    LobjSubMenuItem.Description = LobjSubMenu.Description;
                    LobjSubMenuItem.ImageUrl = LobjSubMenu.ImageUrl;
                    LobjSubMenuItem.ClientOnClickNavigateUrl = PrepareUrl(LobjSubMenu.ActionUrl);
        catch (Exception ex)


This code works goods and adds menu under site action, but there is only way to add click events to sub menu only. There is way to add click event to MenuItemTemplate not for SubMenuTemplate. Does anybody know how to add click events to SubMenuTemplate.

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