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I am using SharePoint 2010 and creating multiple Discussion Boards. When I create a new Discussion Board, it creates a new list with multiple views like Forum.aspx, Flat.aspx, etc.

I would like to customize the views that are used within this list. If I edit the Forum.aspx file in SharePoint designer I can edit the content, for example adding in a new css file, and save it and it will effect that particular discussion board. I also would like to change the Master Page that is being used as it is using the default.master while I want to use a custom one. When I try to change the Master Page in SharePoint design it causes an error.

From SharePoint Designer when I save any changes to the views within the list it gives me the Site Definition Page Warning. This leads me to believe that there is a place where I can make changes to these Views and then those will be used when new Discussion Boards are created.

If that is the case, where would those be, and can I change those to point to new Master pages?

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