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I am trying to retrieve lists from a sharepoint site. I know how to do it using web services. However, the requirement is that I need to use Xelement GetList and the output should have PropertiesXML properties. Can anyone help??

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Try this code snippet:

 private void GetSourceListCollection()

//SharePointList is my custom business object with properties.
            List<SharePointList> sourceListColl = new List<SharePointList>();
            XmlNode listsNode = listsSvcProxy.GetListCollection();
            string xmlnamespace = @"";
            var listsElements = from lists in listNode.DescendantsAndSelf((XNamespace)xmlnamespace + "List")
                                    select lists;

                foreach (XElement listelement in listsElements)
                    SharePointList list = new SharePointList();
           = listelement.Attribute("ID").Value;
                    list.title = listelement.Attribute("Title").Value;
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