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I have a sharepoint list . There are 4 people(not fixed) from separate groups(say A,B) responsible for each issue. Now I've a requirement according to which, 1.I'll have to design a page display the list based on the login user.(this is one success) 2.Also, there is a group B which is the group with the highest permissions and will be able to see all the list items without filter.

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Why don't you try to make web-part which uses CAML Query show them as per log in user –  Milind Jul 21 '13 at 21:19
Thanks you very much..... But my problem is List is filtered by as per log in user using the filters , When Group 'E' log in we need to display all records without filter. Its very urgent . –  user18375 Jul 22 '13 at 2:33
Yup you can do that same as u require by web-part and CAML Query –  Milind Jul 22 '13 at 4:27
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