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I'm possibly having a dense moment, but I'm struggling to find a way of passing a SPD2013 workflow variable from the WF that assigns a task to a column in that related task list.

I'm creating an asset servicing workflow, where I have a list of assets and their next service due date. My WF creates a task on the asset service due date, but I would also like to pass other meta data about the asset to the related task list (e.g. Asset ID, name, colour etc etc).

Obviously I can include this detail in the Task Name, but I am keen to be able to create task list views based off the asset meta data.

The linear nature of the SPD workflow means I (think I) cannot use the 'Update a List item' task to update the fields in the task list as the 'Update List Item' task will not trigger until the assigned task has been completed, so defeating the need to update the meta data.

All suggestions and inspiration greatfully received :)

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