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I'm very frustrated trying to upload a simple IP form (that includes only one field and a submit button). I want to start the workflow manually when a document is uploaded in Doc Lib 1.

I want to assign a single task to multiple individual users (not groups, parallel users), and allow them to acknowledge that the document has been viewed in the IP form. I would then like the completed form to be sent to a repository (Doc Lib 2), where the userName, time, and field 1 value (it's a checkbox, so yes or no) to be viewable to management. I have attempted the following (can skip these to questions at bottom):

  • Assign form to a group, of which I cannot input an IP form, it is simply a survey
  • Begin a feedback process (and then editing the behaviour of the individual tasks)
  • Attempt to set up an automatic workflow in a form library that runs whenever a document is uploaded, and then input a send doc to depository action throughout several workflows
  • Many other things that I didn't properly document

I am becoming very confused with WF usability:

  • Is there a way to assign these parallel, but still allow individuals to update a document (in this case an InfoPath form)?
  • Is there a workflow command that simply says "assign this infopath form as a task to the users indicated in the initiation form"?
  • A workflow action that allows the simple upload of a document?

Thank you all tremendously. I'm sorry for the wall of text.

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