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When the GANTT view is being used, how could one resize the columns using jQuery without using the generated controlid (like in this example)? I'm looking for a way to do this in a re-usable javascript function.

I'm thinking to be able to find a control that has ListViewWebPartJSGrid in its id. It is possible that there would be more than one on the page, but that would work out.


Okay, I figured out how to fetch the control id (you can see the color change):

var $trackingGridID = $("[id$=_ListViewWebPartJSGrid_leftpane_mainTable]").attr("id");
$('#' + trackingGridID).css("background-color", "blue");

//this will fetch:  ctl00_ctl21_g_c3e5fead_d466_4448_9648_dcb92778921d_ListViewWebPartJSGrid_leftpane_mainTable

Now that I have the ID, it is a matter of figuring out how to modify the column widths...

But I want to do something like this:

function SetColumnWidths(column1, column2, column3)...
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Ah, got it.

First, fetch the dynamic controlid. For our purposes, the non-dynamic part of it is _ListViewWebPartJSGrid_leftpane_mainTable, so we'll jQuery that.

var $trackingGridID = $("[id$=_ListViewWebPartJSGrid_leftpane_mainTable]").attr("id");
$('#' + trackingGridID).css("background-color", "blue");

//this will fetch: ctl00_ctl21_g_c3e5fead_d466_4448_9648_dcb92778921d_ListViewWebPartJSGrid_leftpane_mainTable

Fetch the Column by index (to change the colour, you have to modify the various a properties)

var thiscolumn = $('#' + trackingGridID + " th[role='columnheader']:eq(0)");    
$(thiscolumn).css("width", "400");

Fetch a row by index:

var thisrow = $('#' + trackingGridID).find("tr:eq(2)"); 
$(thisrow).css("background-color", "blue");

Fetch a particular cell by index:

var thiscell = $('#' + trackingGridID).find("td:eq(6)");
$(thiscell).css("background-color", "yellow");

Of course, to change the width, you just add this to the vars:

.css("width", "400");

The Function

SetGanntColumnWidth(0, 400)  //set the first column's width
SetGanntColumnWidth(2, 350)  //set the third column's width

//The third parameter is optional in case the idpart changes
function SetGanntColumnWidth(whatcolumn, whatwidth, whatidpart){
        whatidpart = "_ListViewWebPartJSGrid_leftpane_mainTable";
    var thisid = $("[id$=" + whatidpart + "]").attr("id");
    var thiscolumn = $('#' + thisid + " th[role='columnheader']:eq(" + whatcolumn + ")");

    $(thiscolumn).css("width", whatwidth);
    $(thiscolumn).children().css("width", whatwidth);   
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