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I need a Calendar view, that shows two calendar entries per list entry (one for the begin date and one for the end date).

Is it possible to do this by creating a custom View Type (and maybe deriving from the calendar view type), or is there some alternative method?

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You could probably build the view you want with a Data View Web Part (DVWP). DVWPs are XSL-driven and really the only contraints on what you can show on the page is your imagination and what data you have available.

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Thanks for your answer, but this is not what I'm searching for: I wanted to create a View for the List ... – Hinek Jun 24 '11 at 16:59
You can link a DVWP to the list datasource, making it a "view" of your data. This has the advantage that you do not have to deploy a solution. – Jesus Shelby Jun 24 '11 at 18:27
Exactly. Views are simply pages with a List View Web Part (LVWP) on them. You can replace that with a DVWP and format away... – Marc D Anderson Jun 24 '11 at 22:14
Yes, I know but a) to my knowledge Microsoft discourages using the view pages for other webparts and b) I would have to create the xsd from scratch, while SharePoint already has this kind of view build in... – Hinek Jul 5 '11 at 10:36
You don't need an XSD. DVWPs are "list aware" and allow you to format the list items however you want. As for Microsoft discouraging this, I've never hear that, and people do this all the time. – Marc D Anderson Jul 5 '11 at 14:03

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