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I have a Windows 2008 Server on which I have installed Windows Search Server Express 2008. The server is a member of our domain, but not a domain controller.

Having installed the software I have added a single content source to crawl, and this is a file share on another server in the domain. The file share is indexed successfully, showing no errors and the crawler log shows 3821 successes for files in that share.

However, when I go and search this index using the default search page (localhost/default.aspx) I always get 0 results, whatever search terms I enter. I have made no customisations, and the documentation suggests that a default "out of the box" configuration should be searching all content by default.

Can anyone help me track down the problem please?



I have discovered that the reason for this was that the user (even though they were the domain administrator) that was accessing the search site did not have access to that data, hence they couldn't see it when searched. I added them to the Sharepoint - Members group and the searches began to work as expected.

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