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A particular user when trying to create a meeting workspace on a site clicks 'create' and it goes to the 'operation in progress' screen but that just continually refreshes and eventually the page just times out and the site is never fully created.

Upon inspecting the created 'site' in sharepoint designer the following files have been created:

_Catalogs --masterpage ----forms ------MasterPage --------Allitems.aspx --------Dispform.aspx --------EditForm.aspx --------Upload.aspx ------default.aster _Private (empty) images (empty) Lists (empty)

No default.aspx or any pages folder or actual pages have been created, it does indeed seem like the site is timing out half way through creating the site (or its having some sort of trouble but can't complete it's operation?).

If i create a workspace however on the same site it works as expected (i am however a site collection administrator). I have checked the users permissions and they have 'Manage Hierarchy' permissions on the site and i've checked Manage Hierarchy permissions levels for the site and they are inherited from the site collection and have the 'create sites' box ticked.

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