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I have been troubleshooting an issue with the Search Service Application in our SharePoint 2013 environment, and not having much luck with finding a solution. I'm trying to avoid rebuilding the SSA if at all possible.

these are the errors:

Search application 'a8af725e-5b01-4461-93c7-b47f45fc33ce-crawl-0' 
appears to be malfunctioning and will be reinitialized.

Gatherer\CSS connector failed to connect to CSS 

Our Server Configuration:

2 WFE's (4 CPU/16gb RAM)

1 Search/Application (Another VM is being provisioned for handling the Search Role) (4 CPU/16gb RAM)

1 SQL Server (4 CPU/16gb RAM)

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Any luck? We are facing the same problem :( –  user18374 Jul 21 '13 at 10:47
Did you get any luck with this Gatherer\CSS connector failed to connect to CSS net.tcp:/ContentProcessingComponent1/ContentSubmissionServices/content I have facing the same problem. Please Anyone can help!! –  Sabby Ans Sep 24 at 12:09

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