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I like to know if is possible to associate multiple DocumentTemplates into a ContentType?

I create a ContentType "MY_CONTENTTYPE", so if i have 3 documents with the same content but in 3 different languages (PT FR EN) i need to create "MY_CONTENTTYPE_PT","MY_CONTENTTYPE_FR" and "MY_CONTENTTYPE_EN"? Or is possible to associate the 3 documents to the same contenttype?

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What I would do is create a parent content type ("MY Content Type") and then create 3 children

MyContentTypePT MyContentTypeEN MyContentTypeFR

You can manage the fields for all three with MyContentType but associate a different template to each.

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The simple solution is... No :(

You can develop some features that can give you the choice of your template in a custom TargetName Url, but built-in, there is no option...

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An alternative approach to my answer above is to use the Dark Blue Duck Template Enabler.

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