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here is what I want to achieve if possible

CA (Top leve site) Reporting (site) 1. Sales North -- TeamA Manager SalesPerson(1,2,3) South--- TeamB Manager SalesPerson(1,2,3)

I have a SSRS reporting server which dumps daily sales reports(pdfs) in appropriate "reports" folder . Team A manager should be able to see rolled up report and individual sales person report in this case 4 reports , 1 his report and 3 sales person report when sales person logs in he should only be able to see his respective report

As of now I have the reports emailed to particular manager/sales person, how do i achieve this in sharepoint 2010 permission list , there are 64 sales person and 6 managers I also want all my reports in a central location cause we would be expanding that to a different state and there we have 24 managers and 600 odd sales person.

Ideally I am looking for a solution where all reports are in a location and some how depending on who logs in it shows the folder(manager logs in) or just the pdf (sales person logs in).

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