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I'm having an issue with synchronising a contact list in SharePoint 2010 with my Outlook. I'm getting an error: "Task 'SharePoint' reported error (Ox8OOO4OO5) : 'An error occurred in this SharePoint List (Test- Shared Contacts). Try updating the folder again. If the problem continues, contact the SharePoint site administrator. HTTP 500. The server returned the following error message: Exception of type 'Microsoft.Sharepoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException' was thrown." I have seen a lot of people struggle with that problem. I couldn't solve the problem. We are also using SP13 more for internal use and just for playing around at this point. I tried to create a list there and sync it with outlook. And it worked fine. So I was wondering if there is the possibility to some how integrate the list from SP13 in SP10?

Help would be much appreciated

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