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I have a master page that I wrote from scratch and applied through the Design Manager to one of my site collections. I would like to add the 2010-style breadcrumb and/or navigate-up flyout button in to this page, but the ms-breadcrumb term does not exist (nor does anything similar) and when I add the snippet for the breadcrumb it only displays site structure and not library/folder like the 2010 version did. (Both methods are referenced here)

Is there a solution to one or both of these behaviors? Do I need to add more than just the snippet since I am using a 100% custom master page?

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It seems the reference term has changed in 2013.

You can add the breadcrumbs in 2013 by adding the following snippet to your master page:

<!--MS:<asp:sitemappath runat="server" sitemapproviders="SPSiteMapProvider,SPXmlContentMapProvider" rendercurrentnodeaslink="false" hideinteriorrootnodes="true">-->

Source http://blog.amtopm.be/2013/01/04/sp2013-adding-breadcrumbs/

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Please, do not only provide links as answer. Copy the essence if the post here, and make sure to link to the source as well :) –  Robert Lindgren Oct 18 '13 at 12:10
Sorry, I was just looking for the same thing, came across this question and then found the answer myself so thought id help out. –  DrRemi Oct 18 '13 at 13:03
No problem, it is not easy to know. The reason behind it is that the link can go bad, so if we have the essence here, is will still be useful! –  Robert Lindgren Oct 18 '13 at 14:14

You can accomplish this in a few different ways. First, you can unhide the control in the master page itself, see my blog post about that: http://www.sharepointjohn.com/sharepoint-2013-restore-breadcrumb-navigate-up-navigation/. Basically you find this code in the master page and remove the display:none style from the parent and visible=false attribute on the control:

<div class="ms-breadcrumb-dropdownBox" style="display:none;">
<SharePoint:AjaxDelta id="DeltaBreadcrumbDropdown" runat="server">

Also mentioned in that blog post is how to restore the breadcrumb control with backend code. I have also packaged up that solution here: http://www.sharepointjohn.com/sharepoint-2013-restore-breadcrumb-navigate-up-navigation-part-2/. You can just deploy the solution to your farm, activate the feature, and voila, your breadcrumb is there.

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Knowing how difficult it is, navigating in SharePoint,we aimed to come-up with a solution too. Finally after months of efforts this weekend we have released FlyView that not only solves the breadcrumb issue but also offers a bunch of other helpful features too, to navigate SharePoint sites without involving a lot of page loads and 'working on it..' displays.

FlyView is a free chrome extension (IE and FireFox plugins coming soon) that detects a Sharepoint site (online, 2013, 2010 and 2007) and render a dynamic global menu (including breadcrumb) on top of the page. It allows you to explore the entire site collection without even having a single mouse click. Doesn't require any server side deployment or SharePoint Designer coding, it is simply a client side plug and play add-on.

FlyView for SharePoint Hope it will help the SharePoint community

Aurora Bits

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If only my current client used something other than IE... –  thanby Aug 17 at 12:16
an IE plug-in is on its way too, expect it in 2-3 weeks. –  Hassan Aug 17 at 22:48

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