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Our issue requires us to alert specific group members when a new document is uploaded; we would like to have confimation that these specific members read and acknowledge the document. A lot of members will be added or removed from groups over time. Therefore, some users will not be required to read some documents. The decision of who is required (or not) is hopefully going to be assigned by permissions when a specific document is uploaded. In the end, we would like to have a progress report stating which members have uncompleted assignments.

I am planning to use an infopath form to update a list of information (shown below). Is infopath the best way of building this? We have a couple GB of space and are not able to do custom solutions (I believe this means we can not develop in visual studio but can do some custom solutions in designer). Thank you very much. This is the sample list:

  • One column for names of users
  • One column for user's confirmation of reading document one (read)
  • One column for if user is required to read document one
  • One column for time that user confirmed the reading
  • One column for user's confirmation of reading document two (read)
  • ...


  • Add document form that includes which users or groups need to read (can be edited later, as well) and sends an email alerting the specific people who individually need to read the form
  • InfoPath form would include a URL to the link to the specific doc (so it is only hosted once), a checkbox saying something like "did you read this?" and a submit button to update the list as shown above
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