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Does SSL work with NTLM authentication? or should I go SSL with Kerberos?

I am setting up an extranet farm and I need to use SSl. I have seen blogs that talk about SSL and Kereberos together. Can I setup SSl to use NTLM instead of kerberos?

Scenario WIN2K8 SERVER 64-BIT MOSS 2007 Enterprise Edition

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SSL works independantly of any of the types of SharePoint authentication allowed. It just secures the session and data going back and forth as its IIS setup.

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Yes, you can use SSL with NTLM. Be sure though when you setup your search that you index a non ssl virtual of your sharepoint site.

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Can you recommend me to a source to setup an extranet with SSL? – Anonymous Dec 2 '09 at 22:24
I don't have a complete source, but the issue I am talking about also applies to forms auth and is discussed here: – Steve Lineberry Dec 3 '09 at 4:24

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