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I'm trying to set a user up on sharepoint who already uses the system internally.

The first stage in any normal setup is to get them to sign up for an account by going to https://signup.live.com/signup.aspx?lic=1. Once they have an account, we send them an invite to the sharepoint site, they accept and we then grant them access to their individual area.

This user, who works an external company, already uses sharepoint internally using her e-mail address. When she goes to sign up as per our standard practice it says she can't as she is already a user. I sent her an invitation to join our Sharepoint site but when she clicks 'accept invite' it takes her to a page giving her the option to sign in via either Microsoft account or organizational account but she cannot successfully sign in using either option.

Can you be a member of sharepoint externally and internally using the same e-mail address? If so - how do i get this sorted?

Thanks for your help guys, i'm tearing my hair out on this one

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