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I have a list with a column of type rich text box.

While Adding an item to the list, if i attch a file to rich text box(select rich text box and select insert tab), It gives me two options. 1.) Browse option. 2.) An Upload to Dropdown, with all all the libraries on the web, from which we have to select one.

What i want is to limit the libraries in the dropdown. The dropdown show just one library of my choice such that user can be restricted to upload documents to other libraries.

Is there any out of the box way to do it or otherwise a custom way.

Please suggest.


What i have got till now is:

The new item link of any list fetches this page: http://servername/listname/newform.aspx. This page can be edited.

When i click the AttachFile button of the ribbon, the page that will load in popup is http://servername/_layouts/RteUploadDialog.aspx. As you can see from URL it is an application page. So i can edit this page as editing this will effect all the pages in the application whcih are using this particular page.

So what i am thinking now is if i can create a copy(with minor changes) of this application page and call this page on ribbon button click, i could achieve the functionality.

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