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I need a content query web part that returns me the last 10 modified or added documents into any document library on that specific website.

How can I add the rowlimit by code?

ContentByQueryWebPart cqwp = new ContentByQueryWebPart();
                                cqwp.ContentTypeBeginsWithId = "0x0101008E49C3D400044AB3A2F1DD14073E74F6001D06D12572244BE3A11AAEE3ED60F576";
                                cqwp.WebUrl = SPContext.Current.Web.ServerRelativeUrl;
                                cqwp.Title = "Last Updated Documents";                                
                                string query = @"<Where> "+
                                                "<OrderBy> "+
                                                    "<FieldRef Name='Modified'  Ascending='FALSE'/> "+
                                cqwp.QueryOverride = query;
                                cqwp.ListsOverride =  "<Lists ServerTemplate='101'></Lists>";
                                cqwp.WebsOverride = "<Webs Recursive='False' />";
                                cqwp.ViewFieldsOverride = @"<ViewFields> " +
                                                                "<FieldRef Name='Type' Nullable='True' Type='Text'/> " +
                                                                "<FieldRef Name='Name' Nullable='True' Type='Text'/> " +
                                                                "<FieldRef Name='ContentType' Nullable='True' Type='Text'/> " +
                                                                "<FieldRef Name='Modified' Nullable='True' Type='DateTime'/> " +
                                                                "<FieldRef Name='Modified By' Nullable='True' Type='Text'/> " + 

                                mgrPageManager.AddWebPart(cqwp, "Footer", 0);
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You can set the RowLimit property of your SPQuery object because the is in the schema definition of a view not on the <Query>.

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there is no such SPQuery object on a content query webpart, there is only queryoverrides which is a string – Esteban V Jun 10 '13 at 10:08
what about… – Salvatore Di Fazio Jun 10 '13 at 10:10

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