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I'm doing a project in my job and I've got a problem.

I have a SiteMapPath inside my MasterPage, but, instead of using Response.Redired("myurl"), the project uses UserControls to change page's appearance, using the method setActiveView() in the same page.

I want to identify the UserControl I'm using, posting it in the SiteMapPath.

For example:

Now, in the SiteMapPath I have

Home > E-Commerce > Caimpaigns

In "Campaigns" I can access three UserControls clicking in buttons on the page: "Edit", "List Users" and "List Products".

When I click in the buttons, I want to add to the SiteMapPath the name of the UserControl I'm using.

So, if I click in "List Users", I want SiteMapPath like that:

Home > E-commerce > Caimpaigns > List Users

Thanks for helping.

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