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I'm having problem with quick steps or custom action which I set up to manually execute a workflow. After the workflow starts, it automatically send us to the default site page. What I want is to go back to the list or item after executing the custom action, not go to the default site page.

The scenario is I'm preparing a button (using custom action) in the ribbon of a List, so when the user click the button, it will alter/fill one or more field in a selected row. The field updating process will be done from a workflow. So the button is actually executing manually the workflow.

I also have plan to give the same kind of button to the Item display Ribbon. Also with same function.

Any idea how to solve this issue? From what I've search in MSDN, one blog said that it is a known issue in SP 2013. Any work around? Here is the blog that I've read:


Thank you so much in advance... :)

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