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I am trying to add a new list item into a sharepoint 2010 list using the client side object object in C#. I'm having an issue trying to set multiselect values.

I saw online to set the values in an array, so i did something like this in code.

Array arr = value.Split(new string[] { ", " }, StringSplitOptions.None); 
newItem["My MultiSelect Column Name"] = arr; 

//save changes 

//commit changes 

After I do the above I go to SharePoint and see that the row has the correct items in the array (delimited with ';'), but when I go in and edit that row, none of the items are actually checked.

Has anyone else run into this?

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Multiple-Column Lookup value is represented as an array of FieldLookupValue objects.

How to get multiple Lookup field value:

var countryValues = item["Country"] as FieldLookupValue[];

How to set multiple Lookup field value:

var lookupVals = new[] { new FieldLookupValue { LookupId = 1 }, new FieldLookupValue { LookupId = 2} };
item["Country"] = lookupVals;
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