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So we have a Document Library, and inside the Document Library, we have Document Sets, and inside the Document Sets, we have Documents. No surprise so far, I know. However, when I go into Datasheet View showing Document-level metadata and try to change the value in a field, I get the following error:

"Columns that require data are not included in this view. If you want to edit rows that are missing data in these columns, or add new rows, you must first add the required columns to the view."

However, we have confirmed that all document-level required fields are included in this view. In addition, we've tried everything explained in a ton of online resources, of which apparently I don't have enough reputation points to add here.

...But to make a long story short, absolutely nothing has worked. Any advice about where else we should even start would be extremely helpful. We're pretty much pulling our hair out over here. :(


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Are any of your required field term sets? Those fields are often not editable in the Datasheet view. If so, see what happens if you make them optional? – Dave Paylor Jun 1 '13 at 7:04

I just went through something similar but we were not using document sets.

I made all the columns for the content type I was using optional but kept getting the same error message when I tried to edit a row in datasheet view.

To fix the issue I set "Allow management of content types?" to "No" and saw that a number of columns on the document library were required. I set them all to optional and it worked.

My speculation is that SharePoint only recognizes content types with full fidelity in the standard form view but uses more of the document library attributes / settings in the datasheet view. I haven't seen this documented anywhere but it seems consistent with other behavior that I've seen.

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This fixed the issue for me! I had changed the columns to "Optional" from the "Item" content type management screen, but when I changed"Allow management of content types" to "No," I was able to see those columns were still checked as required fields. I'm not sure why it needed to be changed in both ways, but this was the fix. – Sev09 Jan 21 at 20:23

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