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Like a lot of us I'm green when it comes to SharePoint development. I've been tasked with moving MediaWiki content over to a SharePoint Enterprise wiki. At this time I do not have access to the server the SP is on and have to do this all client side. I can successfully GET information or even change a publishing page's content but I can't create a new wiki page with Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client (I tried via ListItem etc).

 ClientContext context = new ClientContext("http://<site>/");
 ListItem LItem = pagesList.GetItemById(8);
 LItem["PublishingPageContent"] = "This is my new value!!";


The above code worked great! Then I tried:

  ListItemCreationInformation newPage = new ListItemCreationInformation();
  ListItem newpageitem = pagesList.AddItem(newPage);
  newpageitem["Title"] = "OtherCompany";
  newpageitem["PublishingPageContent"] = "Info for Other Company";


this didn't work so great. :-(

Does anyone know if this is even possible to do this client side?

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