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Has anyone had any issues with the above service not starting in a clean installation of a farm?

Clean install SharePoint 2007 on a dedicated search server, added it to the farm, then a simple click to start the service and in Central Admin it throws an error saying "An unhandled exception occurred in the user interface.Exception Information: Could not connect to server servername. This error might occur if the server is not responding to client requests, the firewall or proxy configuration is preventing the server from being contacted, or the search administration Web service is not running on the affected server."

A quick look around points this at a kerberos issue but I'm only using NTLM. Any ideas?

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You sure there aren't any firewalls or proxies blocking the requests? Also, file-share ports need to be open. I think it's these ports: 56737, 56738 and 137-139, 445. What does the Windows event logger say? Most of the time there are some events in there when problems occur. Please supply the event numbers and maybe the description. –  Jan_V Aug 25 '10 at 18:24

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Please explain how your farm is setup more than the search server is dedicated. Do you have two nlb servers wfe's and one search/indexing server. Is the query role on the wfe's or on the indexing? etc. Can you ping the search server from the wfe where you are running central admin? Can you browse to the search server's webservices from the wfe where you are running central admin?

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Check that the search service account you are using has access to the database server.

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i am facing the same issue...was there any resolution for this? Please help.

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I would recommend that you start your own thread. This person never responded and your situation may or may not be the same. –  Mike Oryszak Apr 21 '10 at 12:46