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I am upgrading my SharePoint 2010 sites to SharePoint 2013 by upgrading the database. I followed all the steps as outlined here:

My problem comes when upgrading the MySite portion of the site. I have provisioned a separate web app for hosting MySite; where the host and individual sites are different site collections but they are in the same database.

Issue 1: The new MySite host does not resolve when I use SSL in the web app. It partially resolves if I remove SSL.

Issue 2: MySite partially resolves if http is used in web app. Partially, meaning, I see all other profile information in the MySite URL, except photo and List document data.

Please let me know if I am missing or not considering something obvious. Thank you.

Adding more details as I continue tackling this issue:

  1. When I visit the mysite via http, the following information are visible:

    • Account name, Name, Title, Manager, Work e-mail, Work phone, Distinguished name
    • Organization chart information
    • Colleagues

    Other information are not visible such as,

    • Picture, About Me, Ask me about, Career summary, etc.
    • Tags and notes
    • Content (Blogs, Personal and Shared Documents)
    • Membership
  2. I recreated the web app with http binding (default). I then added the https binding for the web app in the IIS. Then I created alternate access mapping with internal url as and public url for zone as the

  3. For each database related to the profile services and mysite application, I added the farm and app pool users and granted them db_owner permission (just to check if it works).

  4. Tried creating local SSL certificate and bind it with the site.

None of the above has worked so far.

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Have you got a solution for this. I am facing same issue. I think custom user user properties with multi string data is missing. Can you please let me know how you resolved this. – user35875 Dec 10 '14 at 7:17

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