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Hey guys I am trying to get a list of items with a "Created" date range. The problem is that upon executing the query it seems to be completely ignoring the 5000 row limit.

<View Scope='Recursive'>
<FieldRef Name='Created' /><Value Type='DateTime'>2000-1-1</Value>
<FieldRef Name='Created' /><Value Type='DateTime'>2001-1-1</Value>

If I delete the tags inside the Query Tag it then limits the rows to 5000. This is pretty strange and I don't understand why this is happening with my CAML query.

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Are you sure that the other parts of the CAML is correct though? Do you get results if you remove the RowLimit tag? – tarjeieo May 29 '13 at 14:20
I used U2U in order to create my query. It should be just fine as it returned results in that application. – Sharepointuser May 29 '13 at 14:22

The dates look malformed, you need to use ISO format: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ

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Use the SPUtility.CreateISO8601DateTimeFromSystemDateTime() in all your date time value so that your CAML query would work. for usage instruction see this Link

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