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Using Sharepoint 2010, I created a custom link list. This custom link list has a column for status (In Progress, Not Started, On Hold, Done).

I have a couple of views: * "In Progress" view - all the items that status != Done. This view is enabled with "Allow users to change item orders in this view" * "Done" view - all the items that have status = Done.

In the "In Progress" view, "Change Item Order" allows us to change the priority of in-progress items. When I use the "Change Item Order" button, it displays all the items even though the view displays filtered item.

How do I change "Change Item Order" so that it would only allow me to change the order of the items from the filtered results?

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Its a ribbon button that executes /_layouts/reorder.aspx?List=[GUID] in the modal dialog window. So I see these options:

  1. try to find out what other query parameters reorder.aspx could have
  2. quick look into it, reaveals that it relies on m_listItems javascript variable, you may try to redefine it.
  3. edit reorder.aspx code
  4. create new ribbon button that will call customReorder.aspx with your functionality
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