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My problem is as follows:-

  1. I have a site collection that contain an Enterprise Wiki template.

  2. I create a new Term Store

  3. I link the term store to the “Wiki Category” column.

  4. When I add or edit a Wiki page I can select a term from the term store without any problem.

  5. If I click on the added term which is associated with a Wiki article , then all the related wikis which has this term will be listed.

  6. Then I have added a left and upper Navigation to the enterprise Wiki also using the same Term Store.

  7. But the problem I'm facing, is that if I click on a term in the navigation the following error will be shown:-

The page you're looking for doesn't exist. Check for a typo in the URL, or go to the site home

While I was expecting to list all the Wikis pages that are related to this term?

Can anyone advice of what the problem might be?

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