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I was able to implement this cross site collection list view webpart (link below). But know i'm currently modifying it so that i can pull from multiple lists. although, this is turning out to be more difficult than i thought. If you have any good resources that do not include a third party software, I'd appreciate it. thanks.

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You could always try using Search to meet this requirement.This will depend on you being able to create a fixed query which returns only the results you require and the results will not be 'real-time' but instead dependent upon the frequency of your crawl. I wrote a post about this a while ago if it helps.

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this is the the way to go, cross site and cross list really compete with each others in their primary intent. Another option is to write code that uses a cross site query for each of the sites that returned in your web part and combining these results. Although this would be pretty ineffecient as opposed to search. – Brian Brinley Feb 1 '11 at 16:31

If you are looking for third party solutions which you can buy, check the link below:

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thanks but i'm looking for a solution i can implement without a third party tool. – MG Nov 8 '10 at 12:26

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