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Is it possible, using SharePoint Designer 2010 (SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition) to copy multiple list items from list A (Personnel Clearances) to a single field (of any type) in List B (DD254) where Contract Number in list A is equal to Contract Number in list B? I need to copy the personnel who are on this contract to a field in each contract list item at time of creation. The values need to be in the list so that I can reference them in email notifications that are being sent out in another workflow on the DD254 list. I have tried using two separate workflows to loop through the list items but no matter what I do, it only copies in the first matching value. I am using an InfoPath form for new item creation in the DD254 list so I also tried to set the "personnel" field in the form to the Employee Name field from the Personnel list where contract number = contract number. With this scenario, I get script errors because I am trying to query a list of 5,555 items in the form (the system limit on list items is set to 10,000) I do not have Visual Studio. I have SPD only and it seems to me that this should be possible. I don't actually have to copy those values into the list item. I just have to be able to reference that filtered set of data in a workflow email. The data in both lists will change regularly. I will have to import a new set for each list monthly. Here is the current state of my workflow. I have removed stops and pauses for testing purposes. This workflow copies in the first value and then completes with no errors: Copy Personnel Counter Workflow (Starts when items are created and changed, attached to the DD254 List): Step 1: Set Variable currentCount to Current Item:Count Calculate currentCount plus 1 Output to Variable newCount Update item in Personnel Clearances (Count = newCount, Processed = In-Progress)(Field: Contract Number/Value: CurrentItem:Contract Number) Update item in Current Item: Processed = Processing

Copy Personnel Worker Workflow (Starts when items are edited, attached to the DD254 List) Step 1: Wait for Current Item:Processed to equal Processing Step 2: Set Variable valPersonnel to Personnel Clearances:Employee Name )(Field: Contract Number/Value: CurrentItem:Contract Number) Set Current Item:Personnel to valPersonnel (as string) Update item in Personnel Clearances:Processed = Yes )(Field: ID/Value: CurrentItem:ID) (When I use Field: Contract Number/Value: CurrentItem:Contract Number here, the workflow errors on this line but it works with ID, except it returns only one value) Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Sara

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