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In Sharepoint Foundation 2010

  • I created a list, and made a standard view, everything is fine.

  • I go into SPD and apply a simple formula to a column header using the f(x) button. It doesnt matter what the formula is, but in my case its just "substring-after($fieldtitle, ':')"

  • As soon as I do this, the list view stops working properly.

  • I have all groups collapsed by default. If i expand a group, then collapse it, then expand a different group, I see the wrong documents... it shows the documents from the first group I collapsed under the second group I expanded. Super frustrating.

I know that as soon as I add the function or make any change in SPD the code seems to change fairly drastically, but I can't identify why it would break the ability to expand and collapse different groups.

I think that the problem might be in the javascript ExpCollGroup function, but I'm not sure.

I installed all the service packs and CUs and it still happens.

Can anyone assist?

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