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I'm encountering a strange problem on SharePoint 2007 where the following script correctly enumerates files and folders on my QA and DEV sites, but not on my Production site. Why is SPWeb.GetFolder() behaving this way?


$Site = new-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite("http://fully/qualified/path/to/doc/lib")
$web = $Site.RootWeb
$rootFolder = $web.GetFolder("http://fully/qualified/path/to/doc/lib")

Write-Host $rootFolder.Url

Write-Host "File Count: " $rootFolder.Files.Count
foreach($files in $rootFolder.Files)
    Write-Host $files.Name

Write-Host "Folder Count: "  $rootFolder.SubFolders.Count
foreach($folders in $rootFolder.SubFolders)
    Write-Host $folders.Name

It is correctly outputting the path, but returning 0 for the file and folder counts on PROD. I'm not getting any exceptions.

In each case for DEV, QA, and PROD, I'm running with an account with full "god-like" privileges. In each case, no exceptions are being thrown. Verifying that the site exists for each environment confirms that the items exist.

As a workaround, due to desperation, I've added an extra GetList() call passing in the same full URL prior to calling GetFolder(). This seems to work for PROD, but I'm at loss to explain why. The idea came from this blog post.

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