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I've got a SP workflow issue that I'm struggling with.

I've got a list and a task list, a user submits an item to the list then a task is created which is automatically assigned to the "admin". After 7 days a reminder email is sent to the admin advising them to approve/reject the item. Once 14 days is hit an email is sent to the user who submitted the request advising them that the request hasn't been approved in the allocated time and status changes to completed.

The bit I'm struggling with is that the workflow on the item stays open for some reason so after 14 days the admin can go in and still approve/reject the item. So it appears the workflow on the task list is changing to completed but the workflow on the list item doesn't appear to end. I've tried a few different methods but none seem to work.

If any more information is needed I can provide it.


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